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Be In The Office, Even When You're Not!

As you begin the process of downloading your PulseHD applications, we invite you to take a moment to watch our comprehensive 12-minute introductory video. This short but informative guide is designed to help you navigate the initial steps of using the app effectively. From making your first call to mastering the features of call transfer and hold, the video provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the key functionalities. 

Additionally, it offers a range of general tips and insights to enhance your experience with the application, ensuring you get the most out of your PulseHD tools right from the start. This engaging and easy-to-follow tutorial is your gateway to becoming proficient with the application, paving the way for smooth and efficient communication.

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Be in the office, even when you're not!

On the move or in the office? Take your number wherever you go and enjoy faultless HD quality calls whatever your connection. It runs seamlessly on your device and is available for download on iOS, and Android.

What makes our calling app different?

It’s so easy to pick up, make and receive calls in seconds. Our softphone app simply works – with absolutely no hassle!
Our free calling app wakes up only when it’s needed, so you’ll never suffer from excessive battery drain or data use.
We use the very latest technology to allow you to make and receive faultless, HD quality calls on even the weakest 3G connection.

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Our industry leading unified communications platform is underpinned by a powerful VoIP telephony system, including a range of advanced call handling and management features, alongside video meetings, CRM Integrations, chat, presence, document sharing and more.

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