CRM Integration

Flo:One will integrate into a variety of CRM systems. It works by linking into a phone book directory and can screen pop, log calls, upload call recordings and notes (Depending on the system).

Below is a guide running through how end users can get the system running on the Flo:One Desktop app. Please note this is after the administrator console has been linked to the CRM system.

‘Best practice’ CRM settings for end users #

  • Click on the Settings Cog
  • Select the “Contacts” option
  • Then select;
    • Phonebook – Pick the main directory (Or if multiple, select the relevant directory
    • Tick the “Show Contact Company Name” button
    • Select Pop Linked CRM on Call – “New Tab” or “Same Tab” – (It’s personal preference which one works for you!)
    • CRM for Contact Pop – Pick the relevant CRM – i.e. “HubSpot”
    • Pop on Answer – Yes
    • Pop on Outbound – Yes
An overview screenshot of the Flo:One PulseHD app showing the relevant settings for CRM Integration
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